Monday, March 29, 2010

Thoughts on the Apple Ipad

I like the Ipad. I admit it. I haven’t held one yet, and I’ll probably hold out for one with a webcam, but it’s a damn sexy product that I’d like to have in my hands. The size and screen resolution – and color display – of the Ipad offer a platform for reading that I think can, in many instances, provide an alternative to traditional media (i.e. books, magazines and newspapers). I know that that’s heresy to some, but I feel it could be a useful alternative. The idea that I can go anywhere with the Ipad – lay back on my sofa, read in bed, or in any number of casual situations – is precisely what people have been waiting for, “IMHO.”

I do have concerns. If I accept digital-only editions of daily newspapers – am I out of luck if my Ipad goes down? I suppose I could then use my laptop or desktop computer to access the publication – but I’d forgo the convenience the convenience of the Ipad. That’s an issue that print media would never encounter, of course.

Still, I like the idea. I would give up paper delivery for an electronic edition once I have an Ipad. I know many people bemoan the death of newspapers as we know them – but I really don’t think that print editions will dominate “newspaper” distribution in the future. The writing is really on the wall. I don’t think paper editions will disappear entirely – but most of us who wish to stay informed will do so electronically. And we’ll save a few million trees, too.


Anonymous said...

You can't read a paper book in bed?

Rich Samuels said...

The point is, for the first time, this is a workable alternative.