Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've looked at quite a few videos on social networking and social media techniques. Some are chock-full of useful information. I've learned a great deal from just observing what other people are doing. However, for too many of these video presentations proved less effective than they might have been for one important factor - they were poorly executed. Poor quality video - poor quality audio - poor quality graphics. You don't need to be media savvy to recognize sub-quality video.

I find it extraordinary that many social networking professionals fail to understand how important effective social media can be to reaching their goals and objectives. A poor quality video presentation reflects poorly on the presenter - and on the facts presented.

Many successful YouTubers have learned by watching others closely, emulating their favorite videos, and building upon their experience. As a video professional, I'm attracted to YouTube because of that very spirit - a spirit of innovation and creative freedom that is quite unique to this platform.

The rapid growth of social networking and social media technology has generated a sea of Social Media "professionals" that lack awareness of just what makes effective social media.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Real Face of Social Media

A few weeks ago, I had a great opportunity to meet some long-time vloggers who were gathering in Santa Monica before several of them took off on a week-long road trip north to San Francisco. I'd become familiar with several of them; I'd only met one of them before - we'd been high school friends, but our last contact was about twenty years ago, as far as we can remember. They came from across the United States and the UK.

In the journey learning and applying social media into my life and business, this experience was particularly inspiring (you can see my initial reaction at

I just watched one of the traveling vlogger's recollections. If you're interested in the human side of social networking, it's worth taking at look at this vlog by Andymooseman. Then, check out their group page, and learn more about the trip.