Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Salad Kid

There was this one kid at Wickshire Elementary School that was just about the only kid who liked to eat salads.  Unfortunately, most lunches served at Wickshire included side salads,  Rather than waste all that food, the salad kid started accepting salads from the kids at his lunch table...that expanded to  the surrounding tables...and beyond!  It got to the point where the kid that liked salad had a tower of little plastic salad bowls reaching into the air above his table....leaning precariously as he nibbled his way down.  

As for me, I never bought lunch at school.  My mom packed my lunch.  She knew better then to pack a salad.  I was anti-veggies all the way though school.  


Anonymous said...

What Planet was the Salad Kid from?

Rich Samuels said...


Anonymous said...

Of course! I should have thought of that.

In elementary schools out here in LA County, each week we'd have what was known as "Hot Dog Day". I don't know if it was more for the kids or for the Parents not to have to make a lunch one day a week, but it was looked forward to by all. You had to buy a token for the Hot Dog in the morning so they would know how many to prepare by lunchtime. They were cooked in a giant steamer, and they were delicious!