Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This was it, headquarters for all my Country Village Lane exploits.
1 - That's me, at seven years old, claiming my territory. You can't see it, but I was wearing my proudest piece of clothing, a v-neck shirt I called my "Lost in Space" shirt for its similarity to the costume worn on the televsion show.
2 - This is the infamous crabapple tree. In an earlier post, I've told about it's role in one of my strange little experiments. Crabapples were also handy to use as weaponry against enemies and annoying friends.
3 - This is the antenna that brought in those great images on our black and white television set. My father consistantly refused to buy a color television set until the technology improved (it would be years until it was advanced enough for him to finally relent). This house never saw a color television set during our stay.
4 - This was the side of the garage that was full of "stuff" (the car parked on the other side. This is where my Schwinn Stingray bike lived until it was stolen at the Pond.

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Stephen said...

In Junior High School, I had a shirt I called my Star Trek shirt because it had scientific calculations all over it. I loved that shirt.

My parents didn't buy a color TV until I was in High School. They just hardly ever watched TV. They were unusual, they read books. Their four children (myself included), did all have our very own 12" B&W TV's in our own seperate bedrooms, however.