Wednesday, October 24, 2007


When I was about eight or nine years old, I went through a period when I thought I wanted to be an architect. Actually, looking back on it, I suppose I was more interested in being an urban planner.

My single greatest achievement? I spent hours and hours creating a cross section of a vast underground city, consisting of sheet upon sheet of taped-together notebook paper. I don't remember too many details, but I remember the feeling of achievement as the plans extended further and further underground. It looked pretty cool as a cross-section. I tried to make a city that was livable, fun and futuristic.

Sunlight and claustrophobia didn't enter my thoughts. Not to mention fresh air- or the very thought of living your life hundreds of feet below the surface...

I wonder what a city would look like if it were designed by kids. Somehow, I think it would be a very scary place...

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Anonymous said...

I designed my own above-ground science research facility which was really just a re-representation of my Junior High School, which is now called Robert Frost Middle School. The school's layout and architecture are still among the most beautifull I have ever seen. I will have to take you by there one day. I wonder if I can find out who designed it?

Of course, I also designed my own underground laboratory, a-la Batman.