Monday, April 06, 2009

The Great Flood

My first "disaster" was a flash flood that hit our New Hyde Park neighborhood during a torrential rainfall when I was about ten years old.  By flood standards, it wasn't much - the water level probably did reach more than a foot or so.  Most houses didn't flood.  In fact, only our house, which happened to be the lowest house in an otherwise flat street, suffered a river of sorts that seeped through the front door and the garage door and cascaded down into our basement.  My parents wouldn't let me go out into the water like some of my friends - so I guess the flood came in to me.

I remember watching the basement in amazement, unaware, like any kid,  of the concept of water damage.  I also felt oddly privileged to know that we were the only house with real flooding.   I knew it would give me a measure of celebrity with my friends.  I could see it immediately:  "You had a flood outside your house?  I had a flood INSIDE my house!"  They would gather around in amazement.   Nobody - NOBODY - could say they had a basement waterfall.  

Hey, I take fame where I can get it.


Anonymous said...

Flooding is disgusting, with all the crap that seeps everywhere. I'll take an earthquake every time. You just have to pick stuff up afterward.

I experienced my first big earthquake at 9 years old in 1971. With all the quakes I've experienced since then, and the nonchalant attitude most LA veterans take them with, I'm often reminded of the movie "LA Story" with Steve Martin.

larry gold said...

I clearly remember seeing that cascading waterfall down your basement steps...and the towel brigade manned at the front door...That was a cool flood:-)