Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back By Popular Demand!

Okay, maybe it depends how you define popular - let's say popular in the world of people who read my blog. I'm going to resume my blogorific experience....

It's been an eventful few months - from my work with FreshiFilms, LLC (where I serve as Director of Production), to my move to Valencia (about 2o miles north of my previous home), and numerous projects of all sizes and types - it's been a hectic time. I'll touch on some of these activities over the next few weeks.

I've a got a few newly-discovered childhood stories to share - and others to enhance. My move uncovered some forgotten artifacts from my kid years, which I'll review here in my own personal anthropological expedition (say that three times, fast), as well as exploring some ongoing mysteries.

The first of those mysteries: Whatever Happened to Ben?


greg said...

I don't know...what did happen to Ben? All of these years I grew up thinking you never wrote back to Ben when, in fact, YOU DID!!!

I don't know what to believe anymore. But I'm very happy that the blog is back!

Rich Samuels said...

Now, don't give away the story yet!

Stephen said...

Who's Ben?