Friday, March 26, 2010

"Bollywood Steps" Update

Bollywood Steps,” my hour-long documentary about the relationship between a Bollywood choreographer and American-born Indian boys in Southern California- has been completed. I’m now working on the next stage in the process – getting the film out into the real world. That mean getting the film to potential distributors, entering numerous film festivals to develop recognition for the program (and attract distributors) – and using the film to generate other documentary opportunities.

In the USA, a land of immigrants, I believe the film offers a story of interest to anyone seeking to understand the meaning of diversity in our country. The film explores the efforts of Indian parents to preserve their heritage in their American-born (and very American) kids – that’s a challenge that many cultures face in America – and approach in many different ways. The parents I interviewed in this film emphasized that they didn’t want their children to be isolated from either culture- but they did want them to be aware of their cultural and moral traditions. I’m hoping to hear generate some interesting discussions through screenings and reviews over the coming year.

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