Friday, March 12, 2010


After my last entry considering the value of random “fan pages” on Facebook, I realized that I have quite an interesting time using another form of “random” social networking. I often play a game called “Words With Friends,” a Scrabble-like game played across the cell phone network on the Iphone and other similar smartphones. Games can be played with particular individuals, or with random individuals, and extend over days, depending upon each player’s availability.

The game includes a chat function to allow for direct communication beyond simply playing the same. For months, I’ve been playing a succession of games with a rapper in Texas – we’ve exchanged websites – who knows, maybe we’ll work together someday! I’ve played other random games with many others, most recently discussing weather with a snowbound player somewhere in Pittburgh.

In the case of this game, perhaps the nature of “Words With Friends” community infers a more educated set of players – a more compatible community.

I continue to wonder: are we becoming a community-addicted culture?

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