Monday, February 08, 2010

Why a Vlog?

There are several reasons I decided to launch a vlog. First, I’m curious about the YouTube social network, which consists of individuals across a wide range of ages and locations. There’s a trend toward collaboration across this former barriers with fascinate me (and with which I’m hoping to be involved, eventually), and I simply think it could be good for business, if I do it right. I love the idea of playing in this new sandbox and seeing what I can do – and what I can contribute to that world. I’m also looking for ways to combine my vlogging efforts with my other activities – including finding ways of tying those activities together with this vlog, and perhaps other interactive, creative efforts. It’s a challenge, of course, to keep all of these networking activities going and still remain productive (which seems ironic) – but I suspect, with persistence, the very nature of what I do for a living will change and evolve into something entirely new and – if I can use the word – unique.

We’re in entirely new territory – and I sincerely believe that the opportunies for individual entrepreneurs are broader and more exciting than ever before.

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