Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vlogging Attempts!

As I attempt to create an onoing vlog (I hope to get into the habit of creating a new vlog as often as possible), I’ve had some challenges in developing a delivery that feels both natural and entertaining. I enjoy storytelling, but my experience in my vlog varies depending upon the complexity of the story and my overall stress level going into the vlog (which generally run from 2-5 minutes). Recently I spent perhaps an hour trying to record a vlog that recalled a childhood story. After seeing the results of my efforts, I felt it seemed awkward and unnatural – so I elected not to post on the site.

The key, I think, to making a go of this effort is to find an approach that seems “natural” and might also be entertaining to my viewers. The story I chose to tell was a fun story of mistaken identity (which I’m sure I’ll relate here eventually), but also required that I relate a tale of confrontation and anger. Fun in the telling – but it didn’t seem fun in the acting. I’ll try it again – that’s what this all about – but perhaps I’ll start with a simpler story and revisit this story as I gain my footing in my verbal storytelling skills.

Vloggers on YouTube employ a diverse collection of styles – from comedy skits, collaborations with other YouTubers, serious, emotional outpouring – the list is as vast as the number of blog subjects. The key for me is to learn as much as possible from other vloggers without trying to emulate them, subconsciously or otherwise. It's a intriguing challenge.

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