Monday, February 15, 2010

Preparing to BlogVlogIt!

I'm preparing to cover the International Family Film Festival with every tool of the trade I can think of. So far, this will include these approaches:

1) I'll be blogging at the actual event, using my Iphone. Instead of typing text into the phone, I'll use the "Dragon Dictation" app, which will take my speech and convert it into text (with amazing accuracy). I'll likely write out some notes long-hand, but it will be much father than having to type directly into the phone's little keyboard.

2) I'll be taking photos with my Iphone, and uploading them directly to the IFFF blog (which I manage). Or, I might upload photos to a Flickr account connected to the blog.

3) I'll vlog as well, creating short reports that will be uploaded later in the day, both to the IFFF blog, and my YouTube vlogging channel (see this blog's sidebar - if you're reading this on Facebook, click on the title of this note to get to the blog itself).

4) On occassion, I'll upload short reports directly from my Iphone using a video app - though, so far, the video frame rate for most of these apps is so low, I'm not certain how often I'll use it.

5) There's also an app that would allow me to broadcast live directly from my Iphone, but I'm not certain if we'll have enough of an audience at those moments to make that worthwhile. It's under consideration.

6) I may also Twitter the festival, depending upon audience interest.

This should all keep me pretty busy! More info to follow!

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