Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Advancements in Interactive Technology

Natal and the Milo Project weren't the only technological wonders on display at E3. Here's a new technology from Sony that will soon enhance it's Playstation Console:

In this case, the magic isn't so much creating the illusion of personal interactivity, but in enhancing the immersive technology that makes advanced gaming so addictive. In Sony's approach, we won't lose a controller entirely. Here, the complicated controller is reduced to a sensor that will work intuitively based upon moving the sensor through the air. A battle in the massive multiplayer game "Worlds of Warcraft" could no longer be a question of moving a few fingers on a keyboard or controller, but reflect real-world, full body actions mimiced by an onscreen alterego.

Of course, that would seem to make gaming a much more physical experience. Now THERE'S a solution to childhood obesity!

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