Thursday, February 05, 2009

Returning Again

I'm decided to resume my blogging again - it's been a hectic few months, but I've lately been inspired by experiences on Facebook to resume my writing here.  

As many (well 2) of you know, I like to write about my childhood adventures on my Blog, particularly those related to my New York years.  Recently, I joined a Facebook group dedicated to Wickshire Elementary School, which I attended until finishing 5th grade, when we moved to California.  I spent sixth grade at another elementary school in Los Angeles, but I never developed the connection I had back east.

The Facebook book, "I Went to Wickshire," captures a bit of the camaraderie that school generated, and it's been fun hearing about people and adventures I'd forgotten about.  On Facebook and in other ways, I've now re-connected with just about all of my earliest friends - Larry, Chris, Jamie, Robert, and even Charlie, the only "Charlie" I ever knew other than my sister's bird.  There's a number of other people in that group that I also knew, but they're a bit harder to recall.

There's one kid of which I have one memory - and of whom many seem to share the same memory.  He liked to freak everyone out by flipping his eyelid inside out.  I've remembered that vividly all these years, and it seems many others did too.  I don't rememeber his face, but I remember his eyelid!


Anonymous said...

You went to Wickshire. Well la-de-da. Good heavens, a Yale man!

Rich Samuels said...

As you well know, i did not go to Yale. Charlie, on the other hand, is a Yale man. Which, since I knew him until we were 11 years old, makes me about 1/8th of 1 percent a Yale man, by virtue of the amount of my influence on his young life.