Thursday, February 05, 2009

Current Mind Fillers

I just realized how much information I'm processing at the moment:

1 - I'm working on my "Bollywood Steps" documentary, which involves thirty hours of footage that I have to sculpt into an entertaining hour-long story. 
2 - I'm putting together an episode of "Live in LA," a City of Los Angeles-sponsored program promoting live entertainment in the City of Los Angeles - more sculpting, but less footage.
3 - I'm juggling at least half a dozen projects at Freshi Films, where I work at Director of Production.
4 - I'm listening to an audiobook called "The Snowball," about the life of billionaire Warren Buffet. 
5 - On occasion, I'm inching through a book called, "The Real Oliver Twist," a scholarly history of a man whose life may have been the inspiration for Dickens' "Oliver Twist"
6 - When I'm tired of Warren Buffeet's story, I switch to recordings of Jean Shepherd's old radio show. Those are only 45 minutes long, so I generally don't have to carry the storyline through to my next listening opportunity.
7 - I also listen to CNN and Headline News in my car, so I'm also generally considering the state of our country's economy.
8 - I'm preparing to shoot projects for the Los Angeles Public Library, and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Somehow, I still find time to write this blog, update my Facebook, write my Freshi Blog, and generally relax when I need to...

Which, I think, is a demonstration of my belief that, like the theory about how we use our brain, we also use only ten percent of our available time.

And yes, I generally get eight hours of sleep.


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larry gold said...

and I thought I was busy !
Im going to buy that audio book on sounds interesting...

Rich Samuels said...

"Snowball" is interesting, but the Oliver Twist book is fascinating - the real story of the workhouse orphans was much worse than Dickens' story. That one's not on audio, though.

Rich Samuels said...