Friday, September 12, 2008

How I Waste Time

Here are the top websites I use most frequently, in no particular order:

The "Latest Polls" page of Real Clear Politics lists, day by day, the latest local and national polls related to the Presidential election.  It's almost a masochistic exercise - the polls move up and down slowly, and we have almost two months to go - but, I'm addicted.

Facebook - Yes, I am one of the 100,000,000 million with a Facebook.  It's all about social networking - but that's a term changes as the sites evolve.  What's it do for me? I dunno!  

Linked In - This is a site that's more of a business-oriented networking site - it's more about professionals keeping up with each other.  I visit here less often, but its useful to keep track of my professional colleagues.

I also check on a regular basis - and I look at the New York Times daily - on my Iphone.  That's a whole different category.  I also check in with - the site that supports my computers, Iphone and Ipod - and helps explain how they all work together.  

Finally - yes, I admit it - I like to browse YouTube - I like to think of it as America's Funniest Home Videos - unleashed!  Plus, I can also get it on my Iphone!


Anonymous said...

So when do you have time to work?

Rich Samuels said...

Work? Huh?