Wednesday, September 24, 2008


After nearly a decade of crisis after crisis in this country, beginning with 9-11, we're at a crossroads. The current financial disaster still feels distant - but there's chilling agreement across the political abyss that our economy is  headed for disaster without dramatic action.  Even with the  action, which requires the government spending perhaps a trillion dollars, the final impact on all of our lives remains uncertain.

What seems more certain, however, is that we are living through a critical moment in history - a convergence of events and political energy probably unequalled since 1968.   In some uncanny ways, 1968 and 2008 share a crisis atmosphere.  An unpopular war.  An unpopular President.  A sense of polarization in society.  And, finally, a visionary call for change.   In 2008, we have a chance for what kids would call a "do-over."  

Maybe this time, we'll get it right.

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