Tuesday, May 01, 2007

McDonalds Aint Not Doin Nothin Good

In the event that you missed his comment to my recent blog about illiteracy on McDonalds receipts, my friend Stephen, with whom I visited the McDonalds in question has an interesting update.

Stephen brought the receipt in question to the attention of the manager of the McDonalds. The manager looked at the receipt, crumbled it up, and threw it away.

Stephen's father reports that he came across the same badly written blurb at another McDonalds, which suggests that the cash registers receive programming from a central location - corporate headquarters, perhaps? It's frightening to think that someone with such a poor grasp of the language wields such responsibility. I hope McDonalds is more careful when placing individuals in positions related to food safety.

Stephen also sent an email to McDonalds corporate headquarters. A form letter apologized for his poor experience, and referred his complaint back to the local McDonalds - the same establishment with the paper-crumbling manager.

Since receipts are the single greatest source of literary contact that McDonalds has with the public, I suppose they reflect McDonalds' respect for its customers.

Or Lack Thereof.


Anonymous said...

positoins? Perhaps people should look at their own grasp of language before criticising others!

Rich Samuels said...

Fixed and Fixed. Anyway, a typo isn't illiteracy.

stephen said...

I revisited this McDonalds recently. Their final solution? They removed the ad completely.

Rich Samuels said...

Stay on the lookouit for the next ad - if you can stand the food.

stephen said...

I received a message on my answering machine yesterday from the manager of that Glendale McDonalds. He both took credit for and apologized for the mistake. That means the mistake my father found at a different McDonalds was a different mistake altogether.