Sunday, October 01, 2006


The numbers of people who attach themselves to conspiracy theories never fails to amaze me. On a recent visit to the YouTube site, I came across numerous videos about the moon landing "hoax," including a country western tune about how it couldn't have possibly happened. The theory, as it's presented, is that the US knew it couldn't beat the Soviets to the moon, so it fabricated the whole thing to make it appear that we did. Theorists also suggest that it's preposterous that we could have gone that far into space, since the radiation would have killed anyone who wasn't insulated with four feet of lead. It goes on and on....but what these individuals don't take into account (like those who more recently suggested that the Twin Towers were destroyed by explosives), is that the human factor would have doomed any effort to disguise a faked moon landing effort.

The Apollo program employed literally tens of thousands of people across the country, not to mention the thousands who lived and worked in Florida during the years leading up to and during the mission. Are we to believe that, despite the governments leak-prone history, that all these thousands of people kept their mouths shut? Or that a terrifying effective Secret Police was able to instill enough fear in these people that the secret was never revealed? Or, for that matter, that the government was able to secretly stage splashdown after splashdown without ever having been caught? Before a launch, I suppose that the astronauts that were strapped into the space capsule and the door bolted shut on live television, then took a secret passageway off the spacecraft - pehaps they crawled through one of the fueling hoses?

Oh, wait....that also leads to another conspiracy - that, of course, the we never learned the so-called truth about the moon landing, since the MEDIA is completely controlled by the government, and so was able to control what we saw at all times. But then, there's that darn human factor again, and the tens of thousands of individuals in the MEDIA that were intimitely involved in the moon effort. And we know how stable all of us in the media are....

The problem with massive government conspiracies is that...well...they involve the government!


stephen. said...

The present theory is that our astronauts did go up into space, but not to the moon. The moon landing part of the broadcast was pre-recorded in a studio.

"Absurd" doesn't even begin to cover this theory. And...where did we get all the moon rocks?

Rich Samuels said...