Friday, October 06, 2006

Big Malls

Today marks the opening of a major expansion to a mall not far from here. Westfield Topanga, formerly known as Topanga Plaza, is doubling in size. It's now a massive complex of high-end stores and eateries. It's also only one of a dozen projects in the immediate area (called Warner Center because it used to be the Warner Brothers movie ranch), creating incredible density and little else. Hundreds of apartments are being built or are being built. Old apartments are being upgraded and rents raised dramatically (I'm being paid to move so mine can be overhauled).

The area's representatives have seemed to have surrendered the area to developers, and abandoned the planned growth idea that once characterized this community (if it can be called that). Moving around the area any time close to rush hours is extremely difficult and time consuming. To make matters even worse, as the City of Los Angeles expands the Metrorail system throughout the city, this area has been given a new bus line along the old train route. I can pick up the bus, take it to the closest train in North Hollywood and take that train downtown. That trip will take me 90 minutes - longer then driving during rush hour traffic! Density issues in Los Angeles, I believe, will contribute to its downfall. It's one of the reasons I'll likely move just out of the City limits - I don't believe City Government is paying much attention - or has much of a vision for the future.

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stephen said...

My relatives are exited about the new mall. Of course, they don't live right next to it.