Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's All a Conspiracy

As motion picture technology advances to amazing levels, making even the wildest fantasy seem real, so too are the claims of conspiracy theorists and history revisionists. The president of Iran claims the holocaust is a myth. Others claim the moon landing never happened. Of course, 9/11 launched a whole new set of theories and false history related to that event (for example, the towers were mined with explosives, the planes were piloted by CIA operatives, it was a Jewish conspiracy, etc.).

Actually, if you start believing in some of these theories, how can you believe anything that you didn't personally witness yourself? If any "reality" can be fabricated for consumption by the media, then I must conclude that the federal government itself does not exist. It's not beyond the realm of current technology that our President is actually a computer graphics animation, as are members of Congress. Think of their bizarre behavior the last few years, and it's quite possible our government is being run by a team of crazed computer geeks working out of a garage in Lawrence, Kansas.

That would explain a lot.

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