Saturday, January 09, 2010


During the last couple of years, a great part of my free time was taken up in with shooting and editing "Bollywood Steps." Now that the documentary is complete, I'll be working on getting it out into the wider world. In the case of this particular film, I have multiple goals. The most important:

First, I'll be entering the documentary in a number of film festivals, to develop a wider awareness of the project.

Second, I'll be seeking a suitable distributor to bring "Bollywood Steps" to television audiences around the world. Generally, these sorts of projects are sold to individual markets by skilled distributors. It's not impossible to "do it yourself," but I'm not interested in re-inventing the wheel!

Third, I'll be seeking direct sales avenues - there's a wide range of new opportunities for this, which could include online venues (i.e. and features that didn't exist just couple of years ago, including digital downloads. Not every independent documentary is suitable for this sort of distribution, but this particular film, I believe, has a unique appeal to certain audiences.

As I work on all of these goals, it's critical, at the same time, to develop the Next Thing. What's the Next Thing? Oh, you won't get it out of me that easily!

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