Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Bollywood Steps" Focus: Yogen Bhagat

My documentary, "Bollywood Steps," is about the relationship between Yogen Bhagat, a Bollywood-trained choreographer and dance, now living in Los Angeles, with some of his students, a group of American -born Indian boys who are learning to connect with their heritage through Bollywood dance.

I wanted to offer a link to Yogen's site,, which details his career and his professional dance troupe. Yogen, a trained engineer, came to live in America several years ago after marrying producer/reporter Rasha Goel, a friend of mine. Starting his career all over again here in the USA, Yogen and Rasha have build both a dance studio and a professional dance troupe. His skills have been on display in a number of live venues including the Hollywood Bowl, and on a variety of television programs including Jay Leno, Ellen, and Melrose Place, to name just a few. Take a look at his site, and enjoy!

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