Thursday, October 02, 2008

Final Weeks

We're in the final weeks of the presidential campaign - perhaps one of the most interesting campaigns in recent history.

I find it fascinating how people can see entirely different people in the same candidates, depending on whom they support.  Sarah Palin, of course, is the ultimate example.  During her interview on CBS News, Katie Couric asked Palin what newspapers she reads.  She couldn't clearly answer:

Palin's answer, to me, seems nothing short of bizarre.  It's really a simple question.  One or two titles would have sufficed.  She couldn't - or wouldn't answer.  

Others have complained that the media is engaged in a hatchet job on Palin - it's hard to see how such a "soft" question could be construed as confrontative or even manipulative.  

Palin did better than expected during the Vice Presidential Debate with Joe Biden - but that's a situation that reflects, for both candidates, a week or longer of cramming for the big night. 

It's the little things that count.


Anonymous said...

She probably didn't want to answer that she reads Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

Anonymous said...

Actually, nothing would be wrong with her reading Vogue and Harper's Bazaar if they were used to supplement the major dailies. The two magazines mentioned are quality for what they are and not just fashion blurbs. That said, I find her totally unsatisfactory for the #2 position on so many levels and now she is slinging the dirt. -Sis in La Jolla