Friday, December 28, 2007

Around the World with Freshi

Aboard the Cruise ship Golden Princess on December 18, 2007..

End of the Year - Time for a New Blog.

Actually, a lot has happened since the last posting - most recently being my journey aboard the Princess Cruise Ship Golden Princess.  I can't go into detail on why I was there - but it was for business!  I swear!  No, really!
Like my trip to India in '06, I hadn't ever considered taking a cruise, but I loved the experience.  I was also very impressed with how well the entire operation ran - 2600 passengers experienced nothing but a stress-free, high-quality environment.  The only time I saw stressed out people was in the final couple of hours before passengers returned to the real world.  It's inevitable, I suppose.  The Princess Cruise tag line is "escape completely,"  but it's not a permanent escape.
But it sure was fun....

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