Monday, April 16, 2007

Fast Food Will Rot Your Mind.

I think this Glendale McDonalds needs a new person programming the cash register - perhaps someone with a greater knowledge of the English language (read the ad at the top). I wasn't aware you could pack that many errors into one phrase.
I'm also puzzled as to what a burger with a three-to-one pound ratio would look like (The "Argus Burgers" are actually 1/3 pound).
I guess company standards at McDonalds don't include certain communication skills.

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stephen said...

I went back to this McDonalds and made corrections on the receipt. I gave it to the manager who said: "Huh, Yea" and then threw it away.

I then e-mailed Corporate McDonalds about this. They shifted responsibility back to the individually owned restaurant, although my Dad received the same message on a receipt from a different McDonalds. This Ad must be sent from Corporate Headquarters to all participating McDonalds restaurants.