Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hookman...and Friends

In the search for a subject for my first movie, I looked around my bedroom for inspiration, and came upon a plastic representation of a a pirate's hooked hand (as in Captain Hook). Knowing little about such things as a plot, I immediately jumped into production and shot a series of scenes involving the menacing hook "peeking" menacingly around corners and behind objects. It was a hook in search of a movie - but it soon had to give way to my next attempt: "Taylor the Killer," starring ME. It's an epic I just discovered in my film archives - and features my first cinematographer in the guise of my sister! This time, I actually advanced a bit and shot some scenes! Stay tuned for the long-delayed world premiere....right here!

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stephen said...

Who needs a plot? I am reminded of an '80s poem: "Dialog is dialog, sex is sex, what the audience wants is Special Effects!" I don't suppose your little movie had much by way of effects either, but knowing you, I'm sure it was still quite fun. I can't wait to see it.