Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Me Syndrome

Quite a while back, I wrote here about a series of ads promoting the treatment of something called "Restless Leg Syndrome," or RLS - which also happens to be my initials. Recently, I happened to come across a couple of brochures on the disease, with tips and advice that make me feel just a bit uneasy. Here are a few examples:

"People with RLS describe their symptoms differently. For some it's a creepy-crawly, tugging, pulling, twitching, or itching sensation..."

....not the first time I've heard that.

"Primary RLS is characterized by unpleasant feelings in your legs."

Fine, I'll keep my hands to myself.

"Nearly half of RLS sufferers have a family history of the condtion."

If I make you so miserable, just tell me to leave!

"Only your doctor can diagnose RLS."

I prefer to use my own doctor, thank you.


stephen said...

As someone who believes he suffers from RLS (both kinds!), I looked into the drug to get rid of it so I can sleep - i.e. I read the ad for Requip in a magazine. One of the side effects is "strange behavior" - possibly having a strong urge to gamble, or having sexual addiction!

Anonymous said...


"Twisted Sista"