Monday, February 20, 2006

New Ebay Victories

My recent Ebay purchases include two items in particular:

1 - A commemorative polo shirt issued on the occasion of the opening of the "Jean Shepherd Community Center" in Hammond, Indiana. Finally Jean Shepherd was honored in his home town. I thought this was a unique Shepherd artifact related for my collection (which really only includes records of his old radio shows and a few books).

2 - This HO scale (1/87) model kit:

As a kid, I built a model just like this (it's probably still around somewhere) for my model train layout. There are still very few models of modern-looking homes like this, which was manufactured in the 60's. With the skills (and patience) I have now, I'll super-detail this new home with the tiny details and lighting that make it seem authentic. I'm in the very early stages of developing another layout, for which I've purchased a number of structure kids already (I'm finishing work on the first of them now). More on that later.


Stephen said...

Nice house. It looks kind of like that futurama house they had at Disneyland.

Rich Samuels said...

..which was originally at the New York World's Fair. That's probably why I like it so much!